A Dream; Uses for Nautical Miscellany

On Skye, it seems like every restaurant hangs a detailed map of the Sea of the Hebrides above each table, so I learned quite a bit about the ocean in the area. Luckily, I found a use for it: I had to foil some sort of plot that involved collecting a lot of unrelated items (as is standard in most quests) and it happened that the plotters’ location was an overwrought castle on South Uist, so I dropped most of the items in the sea, and sold the rest to tourists in Mallaig. I did use my knowledge of the width of the sea and the placement and size of the shallows around the Hebrides, but sadly I had no compass, and was thus unable to use the relative position of magnetic north to find my location. Ah, well.

(the oversized pigskin jacket I was using as a blanket also made an appearance—it was really a pain to hold onto it while swimming, I can tell you)

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